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God has laid on my heart to release 500 personal prophetic words and prayers over the next few weeks. I was wondering if you or someone you know needed a personal prophetic Word from the Lord.

Would you please forward this page to your friends (and enemies)?

To receive a word, fill out the form below. I will send a personal message to each person with an attached prophetic word & prayer from my private prayer time.

Please note, I will only be ministering these words by email or in a service. I will not be releasing words over the phone. Please do not call asking for a word, but go to our website and request one.

Thank you and God bless!
Pastor Lance

Sorry. This form is no longer accepting new submissions.

We’re at the 500 mark

Here’s are some of the results from the 250 recipients requesting prophetic words. There are still more slots available so get your request in today by filling out the above form!